27 April 2012 pukul 12:13 ·
What the hell…!!!

Accuse someone please yourself. Please, look at yourself first! If you do not want to be left by someone who loves you, do not segregate others person. They need your attention to do not do something that make somebody else hate you, do not break them away! Do not make them say to you ”Hei you, to hell with them who do high treason”.

You have a beautiful life, they, you, I, and the others people!

So let us embellish our life each! Pray each other. Support each other!

They and I hope indeed it!


Satu Tanggapan to “HELL…!!!”

  1. ms.beda… It was not intoxication. It was about lookout with Our God! About RESPONSIBILITY to GOD!


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