Something Unpleasant*

Something Unpleasant*

 16 Februari 2012 pukul 11:28 ·


You should understand something that can make you feel pleasant. I do not blame you because of it. I just want to learn precious thing from bad experience. I observe all of the action and consideration of people, include yours.



You have been older, you are able to think the best something for yourself. Please, do not badger other people with what you want. I am just human being, also you are, so let’s we appreciate each other! Act your age!



I feel what you felt, even I lost many people whom I love. Talking about it is very tearful, and you make me disappointed because of your annoying action! Please, respect to the other people around you. Put yourself like condition of somebody else, feel their sufferings, unite with their feeling! So you are able to get a great pleasant!




*Because of annoying words


4 Tanggapan to “Something Unpleasant*”

  1. Es Jus Cappucinoooo….!!! 🙂 😀

  2. Setidaknya bukan mati karena terbunuh oleh dosa …!!!

  3. Yuhu… It’s great..!!!

  4. klo g diawali dari sekarang,apa manusia bisa tahu tgl MATI nya?

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