I Hope It, My Lord

I Hope It, My Lord

10 Oktober 2011 jam 20:36

I do not what I felt, I just do what i have to do like rivers run to the sea. Hope, I am able to rich my wide sea easly. Although, sometimes I feel abortive, but I must force myself to get big something in my life! The big something is my success, and my success is my destination!

I realized that I was not clever person. I was not genius person, but I must belive that I am able to do the best thing to make new breaktrhrough and unusual inovation!

My Lord, ALLAH know for sure about my felt and my dream. I have to belive that My Almighty God will give the best way to me! I belive indeed it.

Oh My God, The Creator of this world, make my way to rich my dream easly!


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