For a Friend*

For a Friend*

30 April 2011 jam 3:06

I knew your felt. It’s like my felt three years ago. Take easy, I’m here for you. Although it’s just pray. I believed, it’s the best for him. May God Almighty gave the best to him. Amin…

I realized, I’m just ordinary person, maybe ordinary friend also. But you are always be extraordinary friend in my perspective.

Don’t cry. Don’t feel lonely. Don’t feel no one is beside you. Because if you felt lonely, you will be alone. Now is no time to regret but now is time to awake. It’s time to show our powerfulness and our faculties.

So you must make great effors, friend! Do the best to reach your dream. Do the best to be success!

I’m just be able to pray for you! I just be able to do it! I’m sorry to hear that! I’m so sorry!

May God be with him and you! Amin 🙂

*my close friend who ever wrote writing ‘Nug! I Love You. You’re just the best friend I ever had’ in my old dictionary. And now, I really miss you, Friend!:'(

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